Garlic mushrooms

This mushrooms recipe is for garlic mushrooms. This garlic mushrooms recipe looks and tastes great and is nice served with a salad.

Mushroom duxelle

This shows a mushroom duxelle recipe, which is a great mushroom stuffing recipe. This mushroom duxelle is easy to make and only takes a few minutes.

Slice and dice mushrooms

Most mushrooms do not need peeling, as there is lots of flavour in the skin. This shows how to slice and dice a mushroom.

Mushroom sauce

This mushroom recipe is for a mushroom sauce, often referred to as a steak sauce. This cream of mushroom sauce is quick to make and is great with many dishes.

Warm mushroom salad

This salad recipe is for a warm mushroom salad, using a range of different mushrooms.

Bacon and mushroom frittata

This frittata recipe shows how to make a bacon and mushroom frittata. If looking for how to make a frittata, this will be ideal.