Rich fruit cake
Blueberry muffins
Chicken and sweetcorn soup
Stir fried duck


Piping bag

Paper piping bag

This is all about making a paper piping bag. A paper piping ...
Slice and dice mushrooms

Slice and dice mushrooms

Most mushrooms do not need peeling, as there is lots of flavour ...
Cooking spices

Cooking spices

Just imagine how bland our food would be today without the addition ...


Eating offal

Latest food news – 24 January 2015

The latest food news around the world this week, from a restaurant staffed by prisoners to why Britain is loving peanut butter. A must read for food fans.

Nation in shock as Cadburys changes Creme Egg recipe

Latest food news – 17 January

The latest and most interesting food stories from this week including Cadburys changing the Crème Egg recipe and whale testicle beer.

Black market cheese dealers in Russia

Latest food news – 10 January

Quirky food stories making the news around the world, from free breakfasts at Ikea to people walking an average of 61 miles in the kitchen each year!

Wine ice-cream is here

Food in the news – 3 January

Food in the news – here are some of the latest food news stories, including wine ice-cream and why Coca-Cola is the best hangover cure.


Christmas Eve food preparations

Here is your essential guide to Christmas Eve food preparations. The more you can get done today, the easier the cooking will be on Christmas Day.


Last minute Christmas cooking

Last minute Christmas cooking advice to ensure your preparations for cooking over the festive period go smoothly and are as stress-free as possible!

Cheese christmas crackers

Food in the news – 20 December

Food in the news this week. Christmas crackers filled with cheese and why the world pie eating championships were cancelled because the pies were too big!

Christmas table setting

Christmas Lunch Menu and guide

Here is your essential Christmas lunch menu and guide. Top tips to ensure your Christmas lunch is fantastic with our great tasting menu.