Slow roasted belly pork
Strawberry trifle
Tomato salad
Prawn cocktail in a glass


Piping bag

Paper piping bag

This is all about making a paper piping bag. A paper piping ...

How to slice and dice mushrooms

Most mushrooms do not need peeling, as there is lots of flavour ...
Cooking spices

Cooking spices

Just imagine how bland our food would be today without the addition ...


Anzac biscuit dessert

Anzac biscuit dessert

This dessert recipe uses anzac biscuits and cream to make a great biscuits and cream dessert. If you are looking for a fantastic looking dessert recipe to amaze your friends, this is it!

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

This egg recipe shows how to make a spanish omelette, sometimes spelt omelet or omlette. If looking for a recipe for omelettes, this spanish omelette recipe with cheese will be ideal.

Fillet of cod

Fillet of cod in beer batter

This recipe for cod has a fillet of cod cooked in a beer batter. If looking for cod recipes, this cod in beer batter will be ideal and is great served with a pea puree and chunky chips.

Vol au vent cases

Vol au vent

This pastry recipe is for pastry vol au vents. This vol au vent recipe can be used to make vol au vents that can be filled with foods of your choice.

Buy fresh food locally

Food shopping tips

Most of our shopping is done at a local supermarket but an increasing amount is now done online. Here are some great food shopping tips to help you out.

How to line a cake tin

How to line a cake tin

This shows how to line a cake tin. An important skill when baking delicious cakes.