Anzac biscuit dessert
Chocolate and mint cupcake
Spaghetti bolognaise
Fairy Cake Halloween


Piping bag

Paper piping bag

This is all about making a paper piping bag. A paper piping ...
Slice and dice mushrooms

Slice and dice mushrooms

Most mushrooms do not need peeling, as there is lots of flavour ...
Cooking spices

Cooking spices

Just imagine how bland our food would be today without the addition ...


Ellies Cakery Logo

Ellie’s Cakery

Ellie’s Cakery provides bespoke cakes for people who want something truly unique and special. We caught up with Ellie and asked her all about baking cakes.

Countdown to Christmas – Part 1

Ready in the kitchen for Christmas? Here’s your essential Christmas cooking guide for the countdown to Christmas. Hints and tips you don’t want to miss!

Pumpkin and sweet potato soup

Pumpkin recipes

These great tasting pumpkin recipes will help you use up leftover pumpkin this Halloween. Buy a pumpkin and enjoy the delicious taste of pumpkin.


Why pumpkins at Halloween?

Why pumpkins at Halloween? Originally, people made jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween out of turnips but pumpkins were found to be larger and easier to carve.

Urban food fest

The Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch, London combines a variety of food and drinks in a buzzing social atmosphere every Sat evening – broaden your palette!

Green apples

Apple Day 2014

Apple day 2014 on 21 October is all about celebrating the common apple and the many different varieties there are in the UK.

National Curry Week

National Curry Week 2014

National Curry Week 2014 from 13-19 Oct celebrates all that is good about Britain’s National Dish. Enjoy the great taste and colour of a curry this week.

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

This egg recipe shows how to make a spanish omelette, sometimes spelt omelet or omlette. If looking for a recipe for omelettes, this spanish omelette recipe with cheese will be ideal.